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Think Before You Look -- Avoiding the Consequences of Secret Temptation
by Daniel Henderson © 2005. (Living Ink Books: Chattanooga, TN) [172 pages]
[Answer 11 of 15 questions correctly to receive 7 hours of Continuing Education credit]


Chapter 1: I enjoy the pleasure of a love relationship with God (p. 11-15)
1. Which most accurately describes the purpose of the pornographic industry?
a. To make money by exploiting menís weaknesses.
b. To counter the sexual repression taught by religious institutions by proclaiming the goodness of sexual pleasure without restraints.
c. To improve sex education by teaching effective sex techniques.
d. To provide a good living for normal, decent human beings who are not afraid of their sexuality.

Chapter 3: I experience Godís provision of empowering grace (p. 19-22)

2. The author says that, according to Titus 2:11-12, grace provides the power to
a. not judge others caught in the sin of pornography.
b. receive forgiveness from God for having failed.
c. avoid a moment of temptation by thinking ahead to the destructive consequences of giving in to pornography.
d. forgive those in the pornography industry who have caused millions of people to sin.

Researchers have discovered that memories associated with moments of sexual arousal get locked into the brain through an adrenal gland hormone called epinephrine. (p. 25)

Chapter 6: I cultivate a soft and sensitive conscience (p. 32-35)

3. Which is NOT true about the conscience?
a. The Bible clearly teaches that each of us has a conscience.
b. Our conscience enables us to distinguish between right and wrong behavior.
c. A conscience can become dull and ineffective by persistently making sinful choices.
d. Since we are unique individuals, our conscience allows each of us to derive our own standards of right and wrong.

The word ďpornographyĒ derives from the Greek (porne = harlot, and graphos = writing).
The word now means 1) a description of prostitutes or prostitution, 2) a depiction (as in writing
or painting) of licentiousness or lewdness: a portrayal of erotic behavior designed to cause sexual excitement. (p. 37)

Chapter 9: I prove to be a faithful steward of my money (p. 43-46)
4. ____ of children ages 8 to 16 who have access to the Internet have viewed pornographic sites while doing homework.
a. 25%
b. 50%
c. 75%
d. 90%

Web surfers are becoming socially isolated from family and friends (p. 47)


Omit masturbation and let the natural process of nocturnal emissions occur. (p. 48)

Chapter 11: I abstain from any promotion and support of the pornography industry (p. 51-55)
5. Which of the following is a marketing strategy used by the pornographic industry?
a. Taking over expired Internet domain names in order to lure unsuspecting customers.
b. Paying a 5% to 10% profit to hotel chains for carrying x-rated movies.
c. Airbrushing pornographic images that create unrealistic expectations in men and that prevent them from focusing on more important qualities in a wife.
d. all of the above.

Pornography is designed to arouse a manís desire for a womanís attractiveness and
attention withoutÖthe effort of gaining her heartfelt admiration and winning her affection.
This is why porn can become a cheap and empty substitute for the necessary demands
of true, meaningful, loving relationships. (p. 58)

Chapter 14: I develop disciplined character (p. 64-68)
6. The main purpose of self-discipline is to
a. do things you donít want to do.
b. achieve things you have never achieved before.
c. regulate your conduct by principle rather than emotion.
d. make you feel good.

Pornography promotes child molestation, rape, stalking, voyeurism, adultery,
and pre-marital sex. (p. 76)

Chapter 18 & 19: I nurture the proper biblical view of the sanctity of womanhood (and) I relate to women as equals and persons of ultimate worth (p. 78-87)

7. A man defends his use of pornography by saying, ďIíve never raped a woman. I donít disrespect the women I know. I donít take advantage of ladies.Ē What would be a good response to him?
a. ďEven though you donít clearly see the negative effects of porn in your life, research with brain PET scans proves that porn is more addictive than cocaine and is harder to stop.Ē
b. ďPorn clearly presents women as nothing more than sex objects, so itís only a matter of time before you treat them as such, even secretly in your mind.Ē
c. Jesus taught that it was wrong to lust after women so there can be no benefits in doing so.Ē
d. all of the above.

Chapter 20: I learn to live in reality rather than fantasy (p. 88-91)
8. Dr. Victor Cline identified addiction as the first step of pornography, where pleasure keeps a person coming back for regular visits. He then identified ______ as the next step where the initial images no longer excite, but the person must have more explicit, deviant, and sometimes violent images in order to excite.
a. trophyism
b. escalation
c. voyeurism
d. objectification

Chapter 21: I steer clear of unnecessary personal guilt and shame
(p. 92-95)

9. The sorrow that a man experiences after porn and masturbation usually results in
a. a genuine repentance that produces a stronger resistance to temptation.
b. a greater sense of worthlessness, loss of dignity, and withdrawal from others due to shame and guilt.
c. a disappointment with the world of fantasy and a desire for real relationships.
d. a productive, godly sorrow that reaffirms Godís great love, acceptance, and grace.

Counselors and researchers agree that a fixation with porn and masturbation is usually a misguided attempt to escape pain, compensate for disappointment, or avoid difficult circumstances (p. 97)

Chapter 24: I learn the relational skills of authentic intimacy
(p. 104-108)

10. While on a private study retreat, the author responded to a moment of temptation by
a. calling a strong Christian friend.
b. talking to his wife on the phone.
c. crying out to God alone to meet his deep needs for intimacy.
d. turning off the television and the computer.

 The Potential Fruit of Pornography
 Death of innocence, rape, molestation, sexually transmitted diseases, promiscuity, abortion, prostitution, child prostitution, vulgarity, sexual harrassment, AIDS, domestic violence, affairs, incest, homosexuality, marriage breakdown, and divorce. (p. 110)

Chapter 30: I honor the trust and prayer support of those who have invested in my spiritual life (p. 126-128)
11. This chapter suggests that one of the best ways to avoid porn is to
a. do a comprehensive Bible study on the subject of sexual purity.
b. get rid of your television and computer.
c. remember the sacrifices of good people in your life and picture them cheering you on to live a pure life.
d. join a menís accountability group.

Chapter 31: I avoid adultery in my heart (p. 129-132)
12. Jesus described adultery as
a. mentally having sex with a woman you are not married to.
b. actually engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman you are not married to.
c. acknowledging that a particular woman is physically beautiful.
d. serious enough to require self-mutilation if necessary.

Chapter 34: I keep my marriage union pure from fantasies of other women (p. 140-142)
13. How does the sexual fantasy of pornography destroy marital sex?
a. It makes the husband think of other women while he is having sex with his wife.
b. It makes the husband want his wife to be a passive sex fiend rather than whatever personality she actually has.
c. It makes the husband want to dominate his wife instead of serve her.
d. all of the above.

Chapter 36: I avoid the pathway that could easily result in infidelity
(p. 146-148)

14. Which is NOT a good marital safeguard or boundary?
a. Discussing your marriage problems with a friend of the opposite sex.
b. Not having lunch alone with a friend of the opposite sex.
c. Not visiting a friend of the opposite sex alone at home.
d. Not giving marital advice to a friend of the opposite sex unless that friendís spouse is present.

Chapter 37: I minimize the risk of my children being exposed to pornography (p. 149-152)
15. Most men who struggle with pornography today
a. were sexually abused as children.
b. were first exposed to it as children.
c. came from divorced parents.
d. can recover more easily than cocaine addicts.