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The Porn Myth -- Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography
by Matt Fradd. 2017.
(Ignatius Press: San Francisco) All rights reserved. [190 pages]
[Answer 18 of 25 questions correctly to receive
8 hours of Continuing Education credit]
1. Unlike animals, human beings are made for long-term pair bonding. Which of the following is TRUE?
a. The neurochemicals oxytocin and vassopressin, which are released slowly during love-making and in large quantities during orgasm, help create feelings of strong attachment.
b. Because our brains have an expanded cerebral cortex, we can consciously choose to enhance our feelings of connectedness to our mates through smiling, eye contact, verbal compliments, skin-to-skin contact, listening, helping, cuddling, hugging, kissing, and sexual intercourse. Making these activities regular habits triggers a release of bonding hormones and transmitters
c. Bonding, plus the biological purpose of procreation, is the purpose for our sexual drive.
d. All of the above.

2. Which of the following is TRUE when a person uses pornography?
a. The user is bonded to an image, not a person.
b. The user does not desire a person, but that person's image, just for the sake of masturbation.
c. Using the image of another person's body parts to sexually gratify oneself is selfish.
d. All of the above.

Chapter 1: Porn is just "adult" entertainment.
3. What does NOT happen when a person uses pornography?
a. Using porn websites makes a person more mature when those websites are associated with culture, philosophy, community service, current events, new technologies, career enhancement, etc.
b. Exposure to porn releases dopamine in one's brain, making one want to use porn again.
c. Continued exposure to porn fatigues one's brain. It becomes desensitized and needs more porn to get the same high.
d. It shrinks one's pre-frontal cortex, so the porn user has less willpower and self-control.

Chapter 2: To be anti-porn is to be anti-sex.
4. Which is NOT true?
a. Pornography is empowering to women when the women in porn are treated with respect.
b. The medium of porn is always degrading to women because it makes sex a commodity.
c. Selling images of women's bodies to be used for masturbation does not promote respect for women.
d. Porn promotes solo sex that turns men into consumers, not lovers.

Chapter 3: Porn empowers women.
5. Which is NOT true?
a. Porn does not increase a husband's sex drive for his wife. Rather, porn decreases a husband's empathy for his wife, especially if he tries to bring what he sees from porn into his bedroom.
b. Porn empowers the women in porn by providing them with money and social influence.
c. Most wives do not feel empowered by their husbands' use of porn. They feel betrayed, and their view of themselves as women is devastated.
d. Overexposure to porn can make a husband impotent toward his wife.

Chapter 4: There is no difference between porn and naked art.
6. Which is NOT true about the vast differences between porn and naked art?
a. Pornographers intend to provide sexually stimulating material for masturbation.
b. Some artists intend to arouse sexual interest, but most artists intend for their work to arouse a person's wonder and appreciation for beauty, not sexual stimulation.
c. There are no differences. It all depends on how the viewer interprets it.
d. Pornography lacks serious literary, artistic, political or scientific value.

Chapter 5: Swimsuit editions and men's magazines are not porn.
7. From 2003 to 2010, Martin Daubney was editor of Great Britain's "Loaded" men's magazine. After leaving the magazine, he became a public advocate for protecting young people from porn. Which did he NOT say after he left the magazine?
a. He realized his magazine may have switched a generation onto more explicit online porn.
b. It's almost impossible to protect kids these days from online porn.
c. He fears that his boy's childhood could be taken away by porn.
d. We need to get tech-savvy, and teach our children that pornographic sex is fake and real sex is about love, not lust.

Chapter 6: Only religious people oppose porn.
8. Which is NOT true of the growing group on called NoFap?
a. It was founded by agnostic Alexander Rhodes.
b. Most NoFap members are religious.
c. Its purpose is to help members stop using porn.
d. After quitting porn, 60% of NoFap members regained healthy sexual functions.

Chapter 7: Porn producers help to make the porn industry safe for the performers.
9. Which is NOT true about working in the porn industry?
a. The wearing of condoms is required by law in the porn industry.
b. Sixty-six percent of porn stars have herpes.
c. Alcohol and drugs are commonly used to numb the pain of porn workers.
d. Brutality is not uncommon in the porn industry.

Chapter 8: Porn isn't sex slavery. The actors freely choose the lifestyles they lead.
10. Legal scholar Catharine A. MacKinnon refers to all of the following circumstances that often drive women and children to work in the porn industry EXCEPT
a. the person was often sexually abused as a child.
b. the person may be addicted to drugs.
c. the person is often trying to avoid being beaten or killed.
d. the person wants to assert his or her individuality.

Chapter 9: Porn stars are just well-rounded nymphomaniacs
11. There is no such thing as a "well-rounded" nymphomaniac. Hyper-sexuality is a disorder. It is not the enjoyment of sex. It is the obsessive pursuit of sex to find emotional stability, usually by someone who was sexually abused as a child.
a. True
b. False

Chapter 10: Sure, child porn is a problem, but I watch only adult porn. No harm in that.
12. The most popular category for online porn searches is "youth".
a. True
b. False

Chapter 11: I don't pay for my porn, so I'm not contributing to the porn industry?
13. Free porn websites don't make money.
a. True
b. False

Chapter 12: Women don't struggle with porn.
14. Women typically view pornography with their partner, while men view it mostly alone.
a. True
b. False

Chapter 13: Not masturbating is unhealthy for a guy.
15. Which is TRUE?
a. There is no documented health problem associated with refraining from masturbation.
b. Frequent masturbation is associated with more prostate abnormalities and less ability to recover from erectile dysfunction.
c. Frequent masturbation is associated with less satisfaction with one's mental health, less relationship satisfaction, depression, and less happiness.
d. Masturbation makes a man prefer the fantasy world to reality.
e. All of the above.

Chapter 14: Porn prevents rape and sexual violence.
16. Professor Gail Dines says that porn gives permission to its consumers to treat women as they are treated in porn. It does this by
a. promoting a male-dominated view of sexuality.
b. breaking down a woman's resistance to unwanted sexual activity.
c. making it difficult to separate sexual fantasy from reality.
d. providing a training manual for abusers.
e. All of the above.

Chapter 15: Porn is not addictive.
17. Which is NOT true?
a. Sex is not addictive because there is no tolerance effect since sex always feels good.
b. Addiction is a chronic disease of the brain's dopamine reward system. It is the overuse of the dopamine reward system that causes addiction.
c. When the brain's dopamine reward system is used compulsively, a downgrading occurs in the pleasure areas available for use, and the dopamine cells themselves start to atrophy (shrink). The reward cells in the nucleus accumbens are now starved for dopamine and begin to crave it.
d. When the brain's dopamine reward system is used compulsively , the dopamine receptors on the pleasure cells are downgraded. This "resetting of the "pleasure thermostat" produces a "new normal." In this addictive state, the person must act out in addiction to boost the dopamine to levels sufficient to feel normal.
e. Over time, porn addiction causes a man to use it more and more in order to get the same high he used to get with smaller doses. Sex and porn addicts show all the signs of addiction: tolerance, withdrawal symptoms (such as irritability, violent dreams, mania, insomnia, violent mood swings, paranoia, headaches, anxiety, and depression), desensitization, and repeated failed attempts to quit, despite negative consequences.

Chapter 16: Erotica is a healthy alternative to hard-core porn.
18. A study published in the "Journal of Women's Health" found that emotional abuse is present is nearly every interaction in the popular erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey including stalking, intimidation, isolation, and the use of alcohol to compromise consent.
a. True
b. False

Chapter 17: Anime porn is great because it doesn't involve real people.
19. Which is NOT true about anime (hentai) porn? (Hentai is the western label given to anime porn.)
a. The purpose of hentai porn is to bring its viewers to orgasm. Hentai draws attention to specific body parts to provoke arousal and portray women in vulnerable positions. The women in hentai porn are degraded and objectified for the masturbatory pleasure of men.
b. Women in anime (hentai) porn are portrayed more respectfully than in real porn.
c. Hentai websites market their beautifully animated women as "sluts", "whores", "hussies", and worse terms. Since cartoon characters are completely malleable, hentai characters can be portrayed with exaggerated physical attributes and in physically impossible poses. Some hentai women are raped by monstrous creatures.
d. "Lolicon" is a sub-genre of hentai featuring prepubescent girls, and "shotacon" features prepubescent boys.
Chapter 18: Porn is only fantasy: it doesn't affect our real lives.
20. Which is NOT true?
a. Researchers found that women were increasingly hypersexualized on the cover of "Rolling Stone" magazine. Females were shown as instruments of sexual pleasure for a heterosexual male audience. It sends the unrealistic message that real women are always ready and available for sex.
b. Viewing pornography increases problems with erectile dysfunction (ED). This is because men who view porn online are always looking for something new, the next girl, the next sexual buzz. A wife, no matter how attractive, is only one woman. A husband viewing many women will have difficulty finding his wife arousing. c. Men with ED who stop watching porn return to normal functioning.
d. Men who look at porn usually choose one woman to focus on day after day.

Chapter 19: Married life will cure us of our porn obsessions.
21. Which is NOT true?
a. Single men don't stop using porn after they get married because a person with a pornographic habit is not merely after an orgasm. He is hooked on what comes next, the rush of moving from one body to the next, always looking to trade the one in front of his eyes for the "ultimate" sexual experience
b. Most single men stop using porn after they get married.
c. Porn is destructive to marriage because it portrays sex outside of marriage (premarital sex and adultery) as exciting and normal.
d. Husbands often want their wives to mimic the sex they view in porn.
e. To a porn addict, the high they get from chasing sexual fantasies can seem more appealing than sex with a spouse. A porn habit feeds upon unrealistic expectations that no spouse can live up to -- the ondemand, anything-goes sex depicted in porn. Real relationships require work and effort. Viewing porn is easy.

Chapter 20: Men wouldn't turn to porn if their wives were more sexually attentive or prettier.
22. Which is NOT true?
a. In a study for couples for whom porn had become a serious problem, for 68% of these couples, one
or both parties reported a disinterest in sex with each other. Wives who discovered their husbands porn habit often compared themselves with the images their husbands consumed. They reported feeling hurt, betrayed, rejected, abandoned, lonely, isolated, humiliated, jealous, and angry.
b. Husbands who use porn usually have an active, enjoyable sexual relationship with their wives.
c. Husbands who engage in porn will often state they want more sex than their wives. But desiring sex in marriage is not the same as desiring porn. A desire for porn is a desire to binge on a variety of women in fantasy experiences, instead of husbands making the effort to coordinate their desires and wants with their wives' desires and wants. The porn user has trained himself to believe that sex should be on tap and made-to-order. The problem is with him, not his wife.
d. In his book, "The Brain That Changes Itself", Dr. Norman Doidge says that we have two pleasure systems, one for exciting pleasure and another for satisfying pleasure. The exciting-pleasure system is fueled by bursts of dopamine and stirs our anticipation. The satisfying-pleasure system releases opiatelike endorphins and generates a calming, fulfilling pleasure of peace and euphoria.
e. Porn is all excitement and no satisfaction. Dopamine responds to things that are new, novel, and varied. Internet porn promises new sexual encounters around every turn, so excitement is generated. However, the satisfying pleasure system is left starving for the real thing -- there's no touching, kissing, caressing, or connection.

Chapter 21: Porn should be used as a sexual aid to enhance intimacy.
23. Which is NOT true?
a. When a husband depends upon porn to get aroused, he decreases his ability to get aroused with his wife. b. Husbands who watch porn have lower levels of relational commitment and don't communicate as well with their wives.
c. Watching strangers have sex is a proven way to keep one's marital intimacy alive.
d. People who watch porn are more likely to cheat on their partners.

Chapter 22: We can't protect our kids from porn in today's world.
24. Which of the following strategies for protecting kids from pornography was mentioned in this chapter?
a. Be vocal about your values and ask critical questions: "Is a woman's true value bound up in how she looks?"
b. Put filters on your kids' Internet access and monitoring their usage.
c. Have young children read the book "Good Pictures Bad Pictures" by Kristen Jensen. It presents kids with a simple plan for how to react when they see pornography.
d. Monitor and filter their cell phones and keep them out of their bedrooms at night.
e. Teach young children about the dignity and value of their bodies. Teach them the names of their body parts and how to honor their bodies and others' bodies through modesty and privacy.
f. Around the age of six or seven, children begin to reason with logic and imagination. This is the time to give warnings about sexual predators
g. During the middle childhood years, parents should teach children about the nature and purpose of sex, its power and its beauty. They don't need to know everything, just enough to know the goodness of sex when it is expressed with mutual love and affection in marriage. Contrast the goodness of marital love and the wrongness of exploiting another's body.
h. When standing in line at the grocery store, tell your children, "Do you see the woman in this photo? Someone has paid her to show off her body to the world to attract people to buy this magazine, but we know the human body is not meant to turned into an object like this."
i. Parents need to be good role models to their children. Do I show respect for myself and others by the way I dress, speak, and act? Do I honor and cherish my spouse? Am I careful to govern the things I
look at and think about? Do I set boundaries to protect my children?
j. Father should turn away from or change the TV channel when an inappropriate image is shown
k. Fathers should show affection to their daughters, protect them with curfews, meet their friends, and restrict their social media when necessary.
l. Father should talk frankly to their sons about sexual self-control.
m. Mothers should affirm their own inner beauty and not obsess over their looks. Set an example of modesty.
n. Married couples should show affection to one another in front of the children so the allure of pornography can't compare with how their parents treat each other.
o. All of the above.

Chapter 23: I will never be able to regain my spouse's trust after sneaking around with porn.
25. In this chapter, the author suggest ways a husband can rebuild his wife's trust in him after stopping his use of pornography. Which of the following was NOT suggested in this chapter?
a. Fully acknowledge the wrong-doing of looking at porn. Acknowledge that her mistrust of you now is warranted. Listen to her without being defensive.
b. Never shift the blame. Tell your wife she is not to blame at all, especially when she asks, "What did I do to cause this?"
c. Purge all access points to porn: your iPhone, your computer, your route home from work that passes the "adult" book store, your private e-mail account, wherever you isolate yourself.
d. Discuss ways to improve your marriage by identifying the top three weaknesses for both you and your wife.
e. Encourage your wife to seek advice and help. Counselors trained to help spouses of sex and porn addicts can be found in the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS).
f. Be incredibly patient with your wife. She has been crushed, so her recovery will take time. Pursue emotional engagement and nonsexual physical affection. Spend quality time together.
g. Become accountable for your technology use. Use accountability software (like Covenant Eyes). It sends an e-mail report of your websites visits to someone of your choosing (friend, mentor, spouse, or counselor). h. Seek man-to-man accountability. This is someone of your gender who can help you avoid porn.

Chapter 24: I will always be addicted to porn.
26. The author makes suggestions for avoiding pornography. Which of the following is NOT one of his suggestions?
a. Network your home computer with your wife's computer so she can monitor what you see.
b. Identify what triggers your desire to look at porn right now (you just saw a sensual picture, you are frustrated or discouraged, etc). Say, "This is a trigger." Then do a U-turn and snap out of it.
c. Use blocks and filters on your electronic devices.
d. At the moment of temptation, remove yourself from the source of pornography. Engage your mind. Remind yourself that porn promises freedom but causes enslavement. Think about the purpose of sex: for the creation of life and the creation of love.