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Real Sex -- The Naked Truth about Chastity
by Lauren F. Winner © 2005 (Brazos Press: Grand Rapids, MI)
[175 pages]
[Answer 11 of 15 questions correctly to receive 8 hours of Continuing Education credit.]


Chapter 1: Unchaste Confessions (p. 9-26)
1. The strongest predictor of teenage virginity is
a. church involvement.
b. reading the Bible.
c. participation in team sports.
d. academic achievement.

Chapter 2: Real Sex -- Creation, Scripture, and the Case for Sex in Marriage (p. 29-42)

2. The Biblical teaching on sexuality begins with
a. a clear definition of sexual immorality.
b. powerful desires that are inherently evil.
c. the purity of the soul over the body.
d. God’s creation of our bodies which are good and worthy of honor and respect.

3. The New Testament teaches all Christians to avoid Porneia. In its specific sense, this means
a. not having sex with someone who doesn’t love you.
b. never having sex with someone you are not married to.
c. just not having sexual intercourse; everything else is permitted.
d. not having irresponsible (unprotected) sex.

Chapter 3: Communal Sex -- Or Why Your Neighbor Has Any Business Asking You What You Did Last Night (p. 43-60)

4. The author agrees with which of the following?
a. Sexual intimacy is a sensitive, key relationship of human existence and the development of the human personality. In a diverse nation such as ours, we must preserve the individual freedom to choose, and not imply that there are any “right” ways of conducting relationships.
b. One person’s sexual behavior is not anyone else’s concern. It violates our fundamental axioms of individualism and autonomy.
c. One’s sexual behavior ceased being anyone else’s business with the widespread use of birth control. If a child is not conceived, then society has nothing to worry about.
d. Sex is everybody’s business because how we conduct ourselves sexually shapes who we are, and the kind of person we are is itself a matter of social concern.

5. In Wendell Berry’s vision for productive households, marital sex is
a. a wonderful way for an individual husband and an individual wife to get their individual needs met.
b. a romantic lover’s paradise.
c. a communion of workmates.
d. recreation.

6. The author emphasizes that Christians, as the Body of Christ, are accountable to one another for their behavior (Galatians 6:1-2). She says the first step in holding other Christians accountable for their sexual behavior is
a. to have friendships with them built upon many ordinary shared experiences.
b. to form small accountability groups.
c. to obtain a mentor, confessor, or spiritual leader.
d. to know all the passages in the Bible that prohibit sex outside of marriage.

Straight Talk I -- Lies Our Culture Tells about Sex (p. 61-83)

7. The most important question Christians should ask themselves about the clothes they wear is:
a. What would help women wear more modest clothing?
b. What would promote more self-control among men?
c. What kind of stories are we telling with the clothes we wear?
d. How can we have more influence over the fashion industry?

8. We should allow sex to be ordinary. This means that
a. at times sex will not be very meaningful.
b. sexual passion will decrease over time.
c. sex should take place frequently.
d. human love is forged in the shared, routine duties of household and family.

Straight Talk II -- Lies the Church Tells about Sex (p. 85-100)

9. What should the church be teaching people about sex?
a. Premarital sex will make you feel guilty.
b. God defines good sex as physical pleasure in the midst of the domestic routines of marriage.
c. In general, women will have low sexual desire.
d. If you wait to have sex until after you get married, marital sex will be great.

Chapter 6: On the Steps of the Rotunda -- Line-Drawing and Formation (p. 103-121)

10. Prior to marriage, which is TRUE about sexual boundaries?
a. Oral sex is OK because the Bible doesn’t clearly prohibit it.
b. Sexual boundaries need the support and accountability of a caring Christian community.
c. Sexual boundaries are primarily an individual choice.
d. Although legalism is typically bad, it sure comes in handy when setting and keeping sexual boundaries.

11. For a Christian husband, pornography
a. makes his wife seems much less appealing.
b. enhances his marital sex life.
c. is an acceptable alternative when his wife says, “Honey, not tonight.”
d. is a better option than adultery.

12. How does marital sex differ from premarital sex?
a. There is no difference.
b. Premarital sex is thrilling; married sex is boring.
c. Premarital sex happens more frequently than married sex.
d. Premarital sex derives its pleasure from the drama of uncertainty; marital sex derives its pleasure from stability.

Chapter 7: Chastity as Spiritual Discipline -- Conforming Your Body to the Arc of the Gospel (p. 123-131)

13. The goal of chastity is to
a. attract the right marriage partner.
b. promote modesty in all things.
c. get closer to God.
d. increase prayer and fasting.

Chapter 8: Communities of Chastity -- What Singleness Teaches the Church (p. 133-147)

14. The essential lesson we learn from celibate members of religious orders is that
a. more and more Americans are living single.
b. chastity is an individual choice made by very strong individuals.
c. marriage is the norm; singleness is an exception.
d. sexual discipline occurs best in a community.

Chapter 9: Responding to M. -- The Practicalities of Repentance (p. 149-161)

15. How did the author respond to M.’s e-mail about being sexually propositioned by a woman?
a. She reminded him of Paul’s teaching in Colossians about putting to death sexual immorality, impurity, and lust.
b. She asked him not go to the woman’s apartment and then told him she would call him the next day to see if he did not go.
c. She told him to think of how his other premarital sexual experiences had left him feeling empty and guilty-ridden.
d. She encouraged him to join a church community where chastity is practiced rather than trying to resist sexual temptation solely through individual effort.