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The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling
(Spring-Summer 2006, Vol. 60, Nos. 1&2)

[Answer 7 of 10 questions correctly to receive 6 hours of Continuing Education credit]
Enlarging Hope for Wholeness (Underwood)
1. The most frequent cause of disability in America is
a. headaches.
b. cancer.
c. arthritis.
d. back pain.

2. For most of Christian history and tradition, the emphasis has been upon
a. patience in suffering, not healing.
b. healing, not patience in suffering.
c. optimism without realism.
d. the resurrection, not the cross.

African-American Clergy’s Perceptions (West)

3. Clergy are more likely to make referrals to mental health professionals when
a. a church member has a sexual problem.
b. a church member has a marriage problem.
c. the congregation is small.
d. the mental health professional is also religious.

Hypertension Reduction (Tibbits)

4. In this study, forgiveness is defined as
a. reframing one’s anger from the past.
b. reconciling with the offender.
c. choosing to not punish the offender.
d. a decrease in one’s blood pressure.

Compassion Fatigue and Burnout (Taylor)

5. Compassion Fatigue decreased with
a. being a female Rabbi.
b. being divorced.
c. increasing education.
d. none of the above.

In the Storminess (O’Connor)

6. In response to the growing concern over pastors sexually abusing their parishioners, the workshop “Crossing the Boundaries” was developed. It is based upon the work of
a. Carrie Doehring.
b. Marie Fortune.
c. James Poling.
d. James Nelson.

7. Although all 10 pastors interviewed agreed that sexual intimacy with a parishioner is wrong, 6 of the pastors challenged the idea that friendships with parishioners should be excluded. This is because they
a. did not see friendship itself as a dangerous prelude to sexual relations.
b. view Jesus Himself as crossing social boundaries in order to fulfill His ministry.
c. value friendship with parishioners as a way of coping with the loneliness and isolation of ministry.
d. all of the above.

Topics in Pre-Marital Counseling (Murray)

8. This study concluded that the topics addressed in pre-marital should
a. be approved by state governmental agencies.
b. be the ones most relevant to the needs of the couple.
c. minimally cover the 5 most important topics as ranked by clergy from 4 denominations.
d. be standardized in a format that is applied to all couples.

A Model for Outpatient Care (King)

9. Every month, the chaplains at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) present one patient or family member with
a. a knitted prayer shawl.
b. Healing Music.
c. an Existential Expedition.
d. a special service in the Sanctuary.

Keeping and Sharing (Lind)

10. Most of the Canadian ministers viewed confidentiality as it is practiced in their counseling community. This means that information they receive in private
a. can be disclosed at their discretion.
b. can never be disclosed.
c. cannot be disclosed unless there is a risk of harm to the client or others.
d. can be disclosed for prayer reasons.