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The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling
(June 2016, Vol. 70, No. 2)

[Answer 7 of 10 questions correctly to receive 6 hours of Continuing Education credit]

African-American Congregational Care and Counseling (Armstrong)
1. Which challenge needs to be overcome in order for African-Americans to receive effective counseling?
a. The stigma of “I don't put my business out in the street.”
b. Going only to a minster for help with complex issues.
c. Trusting only in God for change, not people.
d. All of the above.

2. The congregational care and counseling ministry located in the 6,000-member church in the southeastern U.S. has all of the following ministries EXCEPT
a. referrals to community therapists who have a Christian worldview.
b. unlimited counseling sessions at no cost for parishioners.
c. Stephen Ministers who are connected to local homeless shelters, social services, and nursing homes.
d. grief-support groups facilitated by trained laypersons.

Is Grandma Still There? (Post)
3. The author believes that biographical memory is

a. stored in specific areas of the brain.
b. distributed “globally” throughout the brain.
c. a holographic image.
d. still a mystery.

4. Moments of complete lucidity among the deeply forgetful
a. are few and far between.
b. almost never occur, even when prompted by music.
c. are the norm, especially in the early morning after a good night's rest.
d. mostly are imagined by hopeful care-givers.

Pastoral Care and Counseling with Military Families (Moon)
5. A relational triangle was formed by Lori, her husband, and a ____, which represented his emotional connection to his deployment experience.
a. Bible
b. photograph
c. hookah
d. piece of shrapnel

6. Compared to the general population, all the following are common to military families EXCEPT
a. regular geographic household relocations.
b. control over pay, promotion, and other benefits.
c. threat of illness, injury, or loss of life.
d. emotional detachment from family after coming home.

Pneumaplasticity: Rewiring the Human Soul (Cherwien)
7. Pneumaplasticity relies upon _____ theology.
a. imbedded
b. deliberative
c. orthodox
d. biblical

The Interactive Play and a Persuasive God (Jang)

8. Of the following models of pastoral care and counseling, which does the author says reflects the
dynamic relatedness between a pastoral caregiver and receiver?
a. “The Wounded Healer” by Henri Nouwen
b. “The Wise Fool” by Alastair Campbell
c. “The Indigenous Storyteller” by Edward Wimberly
d. None of the above.

The Taboo of Retirement for Diocesan Catholic Priests (Kane)

9. Which is NOT a factor in Catholic priests having to delay retirement?
a. There are fewer Catholic priests serving the same number of parishes.
b. Priests and bishops have a more strained relationship than in previous years.

. One national study of diocesan financial plans found that more than half of the retirement plans for priests in the USA were substantially underfunded.
d. Most Catholic priests love what they do so much they don't want to retire.

10. Ultimately, retirement for a Catholic priest and his receiving benefits depends upon

a. how many years he has served his diocese.

b. his popularity with his parishioners.
c. permission from his bishop.
d. him reaching the age of 70 years old.