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The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling
(Fall 2011, Vol. 65, No. 3)

[Answer 7 of 10 questions correctly to receive 6 hours of Continuing Education credit]
Pastoral Counseling (Townsend)
1. Regarding a pastoral counselor's understanding of his or her own identity, those who practiced in public agencies identified themselves
a. with religious titles, in order to build trust.
b. as clinicians, with no reference to pastoral or religion.
c. through state licenses, such as LMFT, LPC, and LCSW.
d. as evangelists, bringing God's light to un-churched people.

2. What did respondents say made pastoral counseling qualitatively different from what other therapists offered?
a. The pastoral counselor's pastoral presence operates as an avenue of grace.
b. The pastoral counselor can talk about God whereas a therapist might be constrained to.
c. The pastoral counselor can use sacred texts.
d. Because of the rigors of spiritual formation, pastoral counselors are often better trained than other therapists.

Seminarian Attitudes toward Counseling (Croswell)
3. Of the following problems, which type did the seminarians imagine they would most likely refer to a pastoral counselor?
a. parental conflict
b. domestic violence
c. family of origin issue
d. adult developmental growth

4. Of the following forms of collaboration with pastoral counselors, which one were the seminarians LEAST interested in?
a. Training lay counselors for a church-based care giving ministry.
b. Consulting with a counselor about concerns of parishioners with whom the priest is meeting.
c. Receiving support or therapy themselves during stressful times in their personal lives and ministry.
d. Mediating conflicting groups of parishioners.

Older Survivors of Domestic Violence (Bowland)
5. Process theology's answer to why God does not prevent suffering, such as domestic abuse, is that
a. God can only work through the temporal dimension to diminish suffering.
b. God will not violate human free will, even if when it is used for evil.
c. God allows evil to run its course so good can eventually triumph.
d. God will always cause some good to come of evil.

6. Process theology helps victims of domestic violence by
a. reminding them of Christ's promise that the meek shall inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5)
b. highlighting Christ's promise of a great reward in heaven for those who were persecuted (Matthew 5:10-12)
c. teaching God's promise to take vengeance on the wicked.
d. re-imaging God as loving and caring about them .

Professional Boundary Violations and Mentalizing
7. When Rev. Adams asked his parishioner, a young divorcee, out to dinner, she probably said “Yes” because
a. she wanted to show how grateful she was for his help.
b. of the power differential that always exists between helping professionals and those they help. It was hard to say “No”.
c. she was romantically inclined toward him and hoped he felt the same.
d. her depression made her exercise poor judgment.

8. The most important preventive measure for not engaging in boundary violations is
a. avoiding professional isolation – consulting with trusted colleagues or a supervisor – and not trying to do it all alone.
b. receiving regular therapy.
c. putting a limit on work hours so there is time for leisure.
d. maintaining two or three close personal friends.

Clergy Referral of Suicidal Individuals (Mason)
9. Which is TRUE about all 15 clergy participants in this study?
a. All had received some training in suicide intervention.
b. All referred suicidal individuals to mental health providers.
c. All discussed a theology of suffering with their suicidal individuals.
d. All talked about the sin of suicide with their suicidal individuals.

Using Movies in Pastoral Counseling (Gelo)
10. Having a client watch a movie as part of ongoing therapy
a. has been thoroughly researched and proven to be effective.
b. has been a neglected tool of therapy, since most people like to watch movies.
c. has been initially promising, but further empirical research is necessary.
d. has proven to be less effective than other therapy treatments.