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The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling
(December 2019, Vol. 73, No. 4)
[Answer 7 of 10 questions correctly to receive
6 hours of Continuing Education credit]
  Spiritual Intelligence and Resiliency of Rehabilitation Staff (Barmi)
1.This study in Tehran,Iran, showed that there was a significant relationship between variables of gender and educational level with resiliency (p<0.05), which means the resiliency of females was greater than that of males. This is explained by
a. males have less interest in spiritual devotion than females.
b. males have fewer friends than females.
c. females have more responsibilities in and outside the home and this has made them more resilient.
d. females spend more time reading their sacred writings.

Spiritual Resilience in Formerly Incarcerated African Americans (Banfield)
2.Historically, African Americans are credited with spiritual fortitude. Reasons for this include:
a. 90% of African Americans report that they are "absolutely certain" of the existence of God.
b. African Americans go to their clergy for spiritual direction.
c. African Americans seek professional counselors who are comfortable integrating spirituality into their conversations.
d. all of the above.

3. Dr. Lori Banfield models her Spiritual Resilience Council Reentry Advocate Training on the biblical Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. Dr. Banfield asserts all of the following EXCEPT
a. The omnipotent God can be an eternal, ‘‘surrogate attachment’’ to compensate for an insecure attachment in childhood.
b. through prison visitations, clergy and counselors can serve as spiritual models for prisoners before they are released.
c. clergy and counselors can help inmates write their personal testimonies and confessions (narratives) that include both lamentations and hope in God's sovereignty.
d. very little is said in the Bible about the people of God caring for prisoners. It is the government's job to do this.

Toxic Theology in Complicated Mourning (Daniel)
4. The author includes all the following as part of "toxic theology" EXCEPT____?
a. Religious pluralism is unacceptable.
b. Biblical texts are interpreted literally.
c. God is a collaborative partner in the traumatic event.
d. Natural disasters and tragedies are curses from God.

5. Which did the author NOT recommend for restoring spiritual health during the grieving process?
a. Not worshiping "the sun and the moon or any of the heavenly host" as commanded in Deuteronomy 17:2-5. b. Replacing rituals such as funerals, conventional liturgies, and routine prayers with more personal rituals such as a Hindu chant, a Hebrew chant, and grief laments from the Celtic Pagan tradition
c. Creating "altars of the heart" (based on the tradition of the stations of Christ's cross).
d. Performing a Peruvian shamanic prayer ceremony called a kintu.

Reconciling as a Primary Pastoral Act (Washington)
6. Here, the author quotes the research of ________: Enslaved Black people were "in bound community" and they "who entrusted themselves to God discovered a bottomless resourcefulness that enabled them to transform physical bondage into spiritual freedom."
a. Kelleman & Edwards
b. Edward Wimberly
c. Archie Smith
d. Clebsch and Jaekle

Selecting Patients for Chaplain Visits (Morrison)
7.This study attempts to answer the question, "Of all our hospital patients, who is most likely in need of spiritual care?" The author suggested that all of the following situations could warrant a priority chaplain visit EXCEPT a. patients recovering from knee surgery.
b. patients in the Intensive Care Unit.
c. patients who stay longer than 4.5 days.
d. patients for whom their nurses identified spiritual needs.

Stress and Burnout Among Pastors in China (Chan)
8. Which is NOT an expectation of Protestant church members in China?
a. For their pastors to take time for rest and personal growth.
b. For their pastors to present a public persona.
c. For their pastors to solve all problems.
d. For their pastors to be on call 24 hours a day.

9. Although these clergy experienced low levels of stress and burnout,multiple regression modeling showed that stress from ________ was found to be a significant predictor of overall burnout.
a. family issues
b. fundraising for building a new church
c. church disputes
d. preaching overload

Training Healthcare Chaplains (Cadge)
10. Carrie Doehring says chaplain students must receive theological education so,when patients raise profound questions about suffering,, the chaplains can help them
a. pray.
b. believe God is in control.
c. think theologically.
d. ask for forgiveness.