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The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling
(December 2017, Vol. 71, No. 4)
[Answer 7 of 10 questions correctly to receive
6 hours of Continuing Education credit]
Assessing Transcendental Experiences vs. Mental Illnesses (Lucas)
1. Which is NOT a characteristic of transcendental experiences?
a. The hallucination lasts for hours.
b. The experience is very pleasurable.
c. It makes the person want to be better.
d. It is difficult to describe the experience to others.
e. People want this experience to be repeated, but it rarely is repeated.

2. The author told his client in Case #3 that his wondering if he was Jesus was NOT an illness because
a. his transcendent experience lasted from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.
b. it made him want to be a better person and to help others.
c. it did not produce unwanted or grandiose thoughts.
d. All of the above.

Grief as a Mystical Journey (Daniel)
3. Mark Ireland, who lost his son in a mountain climbing accident, eventually
a. blamed God for not protecting his son.
b. attributed the accident to the devil.
c. could not be comforted unless his son came back to life.
d. found meaning in the loss of his son.

4. Rando observed that if a mourner cannot allow healthy recovery to occur, there is no treatment that can be of value. Much of this resistance is based on
a. weeks or months of sleep deprivation.
b. the onset of major depression.
c. the belief that continued pain is a testimonial to the love one has for the deceased.
d. a form of penance that may appease God.

Role of the Pastoral Practitioner (Brown)
5. Patients reported that pastoral practitioners made them feel more hopeful, gave them strength to go on, and face difficult issues. In other words, the practitioners helped them to
a. pray.
b. cope.
c. worship.
d. renew their faith.

6. Which was NOT reported by patients?
a. The pastoral practitioner helped me overcome my fears.
b. The pastoral practitioner helped me realize that God cares for me.
c. The pastoral practitioner talked too much.
d. The pastoral practitioner seemed to be a person of spiritual sensitivity.

The Effect of Religious Involvement on Life Satisfaction among Korean Christians (Yoo)
7. This study found that ____ had a significant effect on Korean life satisfaction.
a. only religious beliefs
b. only religious behavior
c. both religious beliefs and religious behavior

8. In order to promote internal spirituality, the author recommends that Korean church leaders
a. require church attendance in order to gain God's blessing.
b. teach that religious activities lead to material prosperity.
c. have mandatory Bible study groups.
d. focus on religious faith rather than religious behaviors.

Church Services in a Complex Continuing Care Hospital (Fisher)
9. Bridgeport Active Healthcare Hospital in Toronto, Canada, has run two Christian worship services on Sundays for the past
a. year.
b. 10 years.
c. 25 years.
d. 40 years.

10. The greatest motivator for patients to attend Sunday service at Bridgeport Active Healthcare Hospital was
a. beliefs and meaning.
b. experiences and emotions.
c. authority and guidance.
d. community.