How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong

by Leslie Vernick, LCSW

Leslie Vernick is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 30 years of counseling experience.

Counselors will help their married clients learn:

1. To examine their interpretation of their spouses' behavior, and to correct negative interpretations.
2. How not to escalate arguments, how not to make negative or invalidating comments, and how to not withdraw or avoid.
3. How to guard against developing bitterness, resentment, vengeance, hopelessness, discouragement, fear, worry, pretense, boredom and discontentment.
4. How putting God at the center of one's life results in making less demands upon one's spouse.
5. To make good choices by distinguishing between desires, even good desires, and emotions.
6. How hardship can build perseverance.
7. How to set boundaries so that one's spouse's wrong behavior has a minimal effect on the family.
8. How to accept a spouse's weaknesses and limitations.
9. How to practice forgiveness, and what forgiveness actually means.