Getting Them Sober -- A Guide for Those Who Live with An Alcoholic (Volume 2

by Toby Rice Drews

This book is endorsed by the Director of the Division of Alcohol for the New Jersey State Department of Health, Riley Regan, who says:
Getting Them Sober is "must reading for both the lay person and the deeply involved professional who is concerned about alcoholism and the relationships involved in its recognition and treatment."

Robert J. Brandt, M.D., Corporate Medical Director of Bethlehem Steel Corporation, says:
This book contains "practical advice for the families of alcoholics. It is the best and clearest introduction to Al-Anon and print."

The content of this book presents the principles of Al-Anon. For licensed counselors, it addresses the Continuing Education topic of Counseling Theory/Practice and the Helping Relationship. Specifically, it helps counselors to properly diagnose a drinking problem. It also addresses the topic area of Social and Cultural Foundations, specifically, the major societal concern with substance abuse.